PNAS “The art of organic synthesis”

今月号のPNASが有機合成特集(Organic Synthesis Toward Small-Molecule Probes and Drugs Special Feature)号になっております。論文紹介そのものはやりませんが、下にリストをつくっておきましたので、気になるものがあれば是非ご確認ください。

Stuart L. Schreiber
Organic Synthesis Toward Small-Molecule Probes and Drugs

Chemistry of mycolactones, the causative toxins of Buruli ulcer

Andrew G. Myers
A multiply convergent platform for the synthesis of trioxacarcins

K. C. Nicolaou
Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of a biyouyanagin compound library

Paul A. Wender
Design, synthesis, and evaluation of potent bryostatin analogs that modulate PKC translocation selectivity

Jeffrey Aubé
Synthesis and receptor profiling of Stemona alkaloid analogues reveal a potent class of sigma ligands

Martin D. Burke
Synthesis-enabled functional group deletions reveal key underpinnings of amphotericin B ion channel and antifungal activities

Simon M. Bushell
Identification of broad-spectrum antiviral compounds and assessment of the druggability of their target for efficacy against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

Derek S. Tan
Solid-phase synthesis and chemical space analysis of a 190-membered alkaloid/terpenoid-like library

Eamon Comer
Fragment-based domain shuffling approach for the synthesis of pyran-based macrocycles

Peter Wipf
Chemical methodology as a source of small-molecule checkpoint inhibitors and heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) modulators

Sergey A. Kozmin
Creation and manipulation of common functional groups en route to a skeletally diverse chemical library

Daniel Cruz
Diversity through phosphine catalysis identifies octahydro-1,6-naphthyridin-4-ones as activators of endothelium-driven immunity

Lauren E. Brown
Discovery of new antimalarial chemotypes through chemical methodology and library development

Jared T. Shaw
Ammonia synthons for the multicomponent assembly of complex γ-lactams

Amos B. Smith III
Diversity-oriented synthesis leads to an effective class of bifunctional linchpins uniting anion relay chemistry (ARC) with benzyne reactivity

David R. Spring
Diversity-oriented synthesis of macrocyclic peptidomimetics

Damian W. Young
Route to three-dimensional fragments using diversity-oriented synthesis

Sudipta Basu
Biology-oriented synthesis of a natural-product inspired oxepane collection yields a small-molecule activator of the Wnt-pathway

Gregory C. Fu, Benjamin F. Cravatt,
Academic cross-fertilization by public screening yields a remarkable class of protein phosphatase methylesterase-1 inhibitors

Stuart L. Schreiber
Quantifying structure and performance diversity for sets of small molecules comprising small-molecule screening collections



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